White Collar Offenses

White Collar Crime Attorney in Virginia

“White collar” offenses describes non-violent usually financially motivated crimes such as insider trading, fraud or wire fraud, embezzlement or money laundering. These offenses are described in a federal prosecution as some form of lying to benefit the defendant financially.  “Wire fraud” can be as simple as using email or a telephone to accomplish some portion of the alleged scheme.  Often the allegations are simple, but the underlying facts and whether they amount to a scheme to defraud can be subtle and complex.  

Jon Sheldon has unmatched expertise in untangling the government’s allegations, understanding your case and providing a vigorous defense in White Collar Crime.  Mr. Sheldon has a background in mathematics and science, is very familiar with accounting practices and has worked on hundreds of complex real estate transactions as well as dozens of different types of federal white collar cases. 

Our services are unique because they combine legal expertise with strategic understanding. In order to protect your rights and reputation, we carefully examine the facts, discover subtle legal distinctions, and delve deep into each case’s complexities. Safeguard your financial and legal well-being by scheduling a legal consultation with Jon Sheldon, white collar defense lawyer in Virginia.

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