Mr. Sheldon charges $250 for a 30-minute consultation. Mr. Sheldon usually consults about criminal appeals, post-conviction matters (habeas corpus, pardons, writs of innocence and other avenues of relief) and criminal trials in state and federal courts. Mr. Sheldon occasionally consults regarding civil rights violations. If you have questions about these types of cases, then schedule a paid consultation. If you are not sure if Mr. Sheldon takes on your type of case other than the ones listed, call the office to discuss with Mr. Sheldon’s staff.

The consultation can be in-person, but Zoom video conference is preferred. If the client is incarcerated, then Mr. Sheldon does the consultation by telephone directly with the client.

It is important for confidentiality that an incarcerated client calls the office directly and not through a three-way call. Virginia Department of Correction calls directly to our office are not recorded or monitored by Global-Tel-Link because we have a “recording block” on our main number 703 691-8410.

The client will need to add our telephone number to their call list. After the 20-minute prison time-limit is reached, the client can call back to finish the consultation. Prison policy severely restricts the ability of our office to arrange a legal call through an inmate’s counselor. We have never been prevented from successfully consulting with a potential client in state or federal facilities regardless of their status or prison.

If the client is incarcerated in a local jail or a Federal facility they will need to follow the procedures for that facility. In appropriate scenarios, we can assist in ensuring a timely phone call and consultation.

It is always the client’s responsibility to provide their family with the results of the consultation. Mr. Sheldon can not discuss consultations with family members due to ethical and legal confidentiality concerns.

Payment by personal check, cashier’s check and money order are also accepted. We prefer payments to be sent to our office using UPS or FedEx rather than the United States Post Office. Our mailing address is:

Sheldon & Flood, PLC

10621 Jones Street, Suite 301-A

Fairfax, VA 22030

Make payable to “Sheldon and Flood, PLC”