Absence of prejudice: Conviction secured by unlicensed prosecutor OK

A Fairfax circuit court has held that a criminal defendant cannot challenge his conviction where the prosecutor was not licensed to practice law in Virginia because the defendant failed to prove that his substantive rights were prejudiced. https://valawyersweekly.com/2022/07/18/absence-of-prejudice-conviction-secured-by-unlicensed-prosecutor-ok/

Long Overdue Reform Bill Moves Virginia Into The Majority Of States

For all of Virginia’s history, the Commonwealth has used jury sentencing in criminal trials. This use of jury sentencing in criminal trials appears to be nearing the end. With a vote in the House of Delegates on October 23, 2020, Virginia is finally poised to follow what most states do and only allow the jury […]

Supreme Court-appointed Working Group Recommends Expanding The Court Of Appeals

The Chair of the Supreme Court-appointed working group had reached out to attorney Sheldon in August with several questions.  Its a very impressive group and an important and significant report.  This is clearly the biggest suggested change in the Virginia Judiciary since the creation of the Virginia Court of Appeals in 1985. The suggested changes are wise […]