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- DUI and DWI Attorney, Carlos Wall
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Great attorney. Jon has appealed and been successful in some of the most difficult cases. If any client of mine comes to me with an appellate issue, Jon is the first person I call.
- Criminal Defense Attorney, Peter Greenspun
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Jon is a true contributor to the community and willing to take on any matter. He often handles the most challenging cases numerous other lawyers have turned down and obtains highly successful results!
- Criminal Defense Attorney, Joseph King
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Jon is one of the preeminent criminal lawyers in Virginia, especially in the area of post-conviction. His appellate and habeas knowledge and advocacy is unmatched. I regularly refer post-conviction matters to Jon knowing that he will provide honest, thoughtful, and real advice on whether a matter should be pursued
- Immigration Attorney, Jennifer Verughese
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Jonathan Sheldon is a great attorney! He is the best when it comes to post-conviction relief for Virginia convictions. He truly cares for his clients, and it shows in how meticulously he works on each case.
- Domestic Violence Attorney, James Abrenio
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Jonathan is well known as the go-to-guy for post-conviction relief. He maintains a superb reputation for his focus, persistence, and creativity. If I were in trouble, he’d be on the top of my list.
Seth Guggenheim
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Jon Sheldon is the lawyer one must see if he or she is charged with a serious criminal offense. His excellent reputation is well deserved. He has earned it without engaging in the self-promotion which many lawyers regrettably do. I know this because I am a former prosecutor of attorney ethical misconduct cases for the Virginia State Bar. Jon assisted the Bar as a key witness in a case I was handling, which involved Jon's expert testimony on the standards which apply to lawyers who handle habeas corpus petitions on behalf of other lawyers' former clients who have been convicted of criminal offenses. Jon has a keen intellect and is effective and fearless in representing clients who are facing serious charges.
Lisa Greenman
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I know I can always count on Jon Sheldon. Lots of lawyers know the law, know their way around a courtroom, can write an excellent motion or brief. Jon's got all that expertise but also so much more. He knows how to get things done. Jon excels at finding a path through even overwhelmingly difficult circumstances. He is creative, cares deeply and knows all the angles. He acts with respect and compassion. Jon's experience and devotion to his clients combine to produce great results. I have consulted with Jon on matters involving criminal defense, post-conviction, pardon and compassionate release, and complex issues associated with mental illness. Jon is a treasured colleague. He is a wonderful and generous resource for the legal community as well as for his clients.
James Connell
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As an attorney, I have seen Sheldon's superlative work in dozens of case. If you hire an attorney to challenge a conviction in Virginia, they are likely to consult Sheldon or at least his authoritative treatise on post-conviction remedies. You might as well go straight to the source and hire Sheldon directly.