Criminal Appeals and Post-Conviction

We have earned a reputation for a tireless, creative and skillful approach to cases that are beyond that which the average criminal defense attorney can handle.

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Attorney Jon Sheldon - Criminal Defense

The Law Firm handles criminal appeals and post-conviction cases throughout Virginia and nationwide. Our expertise includes complex criminal appeals as well as any possible way of overturning a conviction, gaining release from prison, reducing a sentence or changing a conviction to avoid, for example, immigration consequences. We have been successful via virtually every procedure available including: emergency medical release, parole, juvenile parole, Fishback parole, geriatric release, motion to vacate, motion to modify sentence, coram nobis, habeas corpus, independent action under § 8.01-428(D), writ of innocence, expungement, simple pardon, conditional pardon, and clemency as well as more creative methods primarily in immigration related cases.

We have earned a reputation for a tireless, innovative and client-centered approach to our cases. We are passionate about our work and believe it is our responsibility to do all we can as advocates for our clients. Your case is no exception. The firm has considerable experience defending persons charged with serious violent offenses, including murder, robbery, rape and all other nature of violent and sexual charges.

The consultation can be in-person, but Zoom video conference is preferred. If the client is incarcerated, then Mr. Sheldon does the consultation by telephone directly with the client.

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post conviction lawyers in virginia

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