Preparing to Enter the Virginia Department of Corrections

Jail to Prison transfer:

  1. The Department of Corrections (DOC) calls people convicted of a crime “offenders.” Offenders are supposed to be transferred from jail to the Virginia Department of Corrections within 60 days of sentencing, but that rarely happens. The custom at the local jail and DOC resources will dictate. You will be able to keep what you are wearing when you arrive at your receiving center, so wear the clothes you want most.
  2. Offenders are transferred to a “reception center” for classification and assignment. The primary reception/classification centers are Nottoway, Dillwyn, Coffeewood, Haynesville and State Farm Correctional Centers. Information in the presentence report, for example identification of family members and prior crimes, is used by the DOC for many purposes including classification.
  3. Offenders are allowed to use the phone once they arrive at the receiving center. Global Tel-link “GTL” just changed the pin number system to reflect the offenders Birth Month and Day. Once offenders enter the information, GTL requires a pin number change. Then the offender just has to set up the phone by adding numbers.
  4. A “Jpay” account is set up when offenders arrive. The offender’s money is available to them within 72 hours as long as the jail brought their funds with them, but this rarely happens, instead the jail takes about 10 days to mail the money. Have a family member.

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